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Outsource your agent's complex tasks and pay for them in crypto.


What are Mechs?

A mech is an autonomous service that listens for on-chain requests and performs the needed actions off-chain in exchange for a small payment. These requests are usually LLM requests (although they can be other generic jobs), and their metadata is stored on IPFS while its hash is written to a smart contract that also handles the payment. We can think of a mech as an on-demand brain for your applications.

Check out Mechs in action ↗

Why do we need mechs?

Mechs implement different AI-oriented tools and pay for private API access like OpenAI API. Mechs act as a central hub or library where your applications can make LLM requests and avoid having to pay for multiple APIs or implementing different API interfaces. Think of it as a generic interface to multiple LLMs and smart tools.

How it works

  1. An agent or application sends an on-chain request to use an AI tool to a Mech service, paying a fee in crypto
  2. The Mech service reads the request and identifies the tool to use to process it. It executes the request and retrieves the response.
  3. The Mech records the response on-chain, making it available to the agent or application to use.
Check out the repo ↗ for more details on the architecture

Case study: Mechs Predictions

1. Agent watches for new prediction markets🤖
Your agent

Sees new market
Omen prediction marketPrediction market
2. Agent uses AI tools to get probability🤖
Your agent


Omen prediction marketAI Tools Marketplace
3. Agent bets on prediction market🤖
Your agent
Omen prediction marketAI Tools Marketplace
4. Agent potentially receives winnings🤖
Your agent

? $ $
Omen prediction marketAI Tools Marketplace

Check out this page ↗ for more information on Prediction Agents

Integrate Mechs into your application

For generic apps and scripts

Use the mech-client ↗ for command line or Python script integrations.

For other autonomous services

Implement the mech_interact_abci skill ↗ to streamline IPFS and blockchain interactions

Refer to the guide in the docs ↗ for more precise instructions.

Integrate Mechs

Further resources

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