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Olas Contribute

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Your shortcut to
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Directly influence the direction of the network.



Earn points and build your reputation in the community.



Simply take action and enjoy the points roll in. Everything else is taken care of by AI automation and the Olas Stack.



Contribution Tracking

Contribute uses AI and decentralized automation to observe your contributions, analyse their impact and award points.



Rank your contributions against those of other community members. Stored on Ceramic.


Recognition Badges

Mint a dynamic NFT badge that evolves as you earn points.


Contributor Profiles

Showcase your position in the community with a dedicated page.


Community-owned Chatbot

veOLAS holders can collaboratively shape the 'memory' of a chatbot for community newcomers to learn from.


Community-owned Social Posting

veOLAS hodlers can propose and vote on tweets to be posted by the community Twitter account.


Community Chat

veOLAS holders have a dedicated space to discuss as a group and message one another via encrypted private chat.

Network Role

Olas Contribute Network Role
Olas Contribute is designed to assist the network by marketing important information to relevant stakeholders. These stakeholders could be Bonders, Supply-side Devs or Demand-side Devs. Contribute may evolve beyond a pure marketing function in the future.

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