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One single network for all the stuff that makes crypto work. Coordinated by the OLAS token and built on cutting edge, autonomous agent technology.

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OLAS Token

Unlock protocol functionality with the network token.
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Olas Dev Rewards

Get rewards when you add useful code to the protocol.
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Get discounted OLAS when you lock LP tokens.
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Already making waves

Olas' core protocol is live. Many services are in production and being used by an emerging app ecosystem.


Olas Protocol is available on a growing list of chains. When Olas Protocol is deployed on a chain, it brings the power of Olas to that chain's ecosystem.

For the most up to date lists,
check out the community-maintained Awesome Autonolas repo.

A new wind for your sails

Olas delivers a novel staking model for your favorite projects' tokens.

DAOs compose services and power them with their own token.

When DAOs win, Olas wins.

Olas loves your token

Liquidity mining,
but for code

Dev incentives diagram

Devs can receive rewards when they contribute service code.

Better contributions, more rewards.


Capital, meet code

The Olas protocol is designed to create an economic whirlpool, sucking in code and funds.
The whirlpool powers a generator for new services.
Bonders and developers are incentivized to provide capital and code to the system.
Olas uses this code and capital to build protocol-owned services (PoSe). These contribute to revenue for the DAO.
The capital also provides yield to the DAO.*
Open Autonomy

Exponential growth through composability

Open Autonomy is Olas' open-source coding framework. It's designed from the ground up around leading multi-agent systems principles.

For the first time, there is a full framework capable of building any off-chain service.

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Sunset in the mountains

Developers create new infra services at breakneck speed

Sunset in the mountains

Crypto projects combine services to meet their specific needs

App showcase

Meet The Governatooorr

AI x CryptoGovernatooorr product screenshot

Governatooorr is the world's first autonomous, AI-powered governor.

Governatooorr depends on an Olas service that automatically assesses DAO proposals and votes according to delegator preferences. Read the announcement tweet thread for more detail.

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