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Run agents, stake & earn rewards*

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* rewards are dependent on individual agent implementations as well as operator performance.
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Meet Pearl

An all-in-one application designed to streamline your entry into the world of autonomous agents and earning OLAS through staking.

Meet Pearl


Accessible. Strong. Transparent. Yours.


No prior expertise is required. If you can use a computer, you can start earning OLAS with Pearl. It’s designed to be as simple as possible.


We put your peace of mind first. Pearl provides robust recovery options to protect your funds.


The Pearl app is completely open-source, allowing everyone to review its code for total transparency.


By staking your own agent and participating in Olas agent economies, you are claiming your ownership of a share of AI.

Install. Run an Agent. Earn OLAS. That’s It

  1. Install Pearl.
  2. Add funds and start your agent.
  3. As your agent meets its performance targets, OLAS can be earned as staking rewards. It’s like magic.

Want more control?

Customize, experiment, and optimize your agents

With the Operate web app, you’re in charge. Select an agent, tweak settings, and tailor operations to your specifications. It’s your setup, your rules. Run as many agents as you like.

Quick setup guides

Follow easy steps to get started and make adjustments on the fly.


Modify and manage your agent directly, optimizing as you see fit.

Start now

Dive into a more hands-on experience and shape your digital journey.

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Frequently asked questions

Olas Pearl
Pearl allows you to set up and run agents directly from your computer and earn OLAS.
Visit the Pearl download section, download the app, and follow the installation guide provided.
Minimal system requirements for Mac devices:
  • Docker Desktop↗ running. During Alpha and Beta phases only.
  • 800 MB of free RAM (suggested 1 GB)
  • 1.3 GB disk space
Pearl uses Safe smart wallets. Safe smart wallets are designed so that, if you forget your password, you can restore access to your funds using a backup wallet. This backup wallet acts as a second signer on your Safe. To learn more about this third party product and try to regain access, go to safe.global, connect your backup wallet, and then access the Safe.
Yes, for more technical control and flexibility, you can set up and run agents manually. Visit operate.olas.network to get started.
Earn OLAS by staking OLAS and running agents on your computer.
There is no official support, but the Olas community can help you if you run into any issues.
You can optimize agent performance through modifying the agent code. Visit operate.olas.network to get started.