Emission Schedule

How are OLAS tokens minted by the protocol over time?

Launch Date

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Current Year

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Emissions Per Year

A maximum of 1bn OLAS tokens can be minted in the protocol's first 10 years.

After year 10, an additional 2% can be minted each year. This 2% inflation rate can be reduced by the DAO.

Current Usage

What are newly minted tokens used for right now?

Current Epoch

Tokens are distributed to developers and bonders each epoch. Epochs run roughly once a month.

Per Epoch Distribution

% of new tokens go to Developers
% of new tokens go to Bonders

DAO members can vote to update how newly minted tokens are distributed.

Dive into the current distribution details

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OLAS provides access to the core functions of the network.
Bond, stake and lock OLAS to contribute to shaping the network.
OLAS Utility
The OLAS token has voting escrow (ve), Olympus-inspired bonding and staking mechanisms built-in.


OLAS on Ethereum

Contract Address: 0x0001a...5cb0

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Bridged OLAS on Gnosis Chain

Contract Address: 0xce11e...9d9f

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